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In association football rugby league rugby union and australian rules football a dummy or feint is a player deceiving the opposition into believing he is going to pass shoot move in a certain direction or receive the ball and instead doing something entirely different thus gaining an advantage.

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Noun she loves you you dummy they practiced cpr on a dummy the bomb was just a dummy adjective they took apart a dummy bomb the dummy shutters on the house are actually made of vinyl and are for decoration only.

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Experts in first aid training in miller place ny have dummy will travel inc is a full service health and safety education and equipment company dedicated to providing lifesaving training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation cpr the use of automated external defibrillators aeds and first aid to business healthcare providers government.

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After graceland had paid off so handsomely the world wondered what paul simon could possibly do to better it much less equal it while he didnt go back to the south african well the rhythm of the saints did explore thirdworld rhythms and sounds predominantly from brazil to.

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One of the most common twists in a story which features a demonic dummy is to have the dummy be real and the ventriloquist either be a wooden puppet or a hapless human under the dummys control in fact many demonic dummies get the ability to turn people into people puppets sometimes literally.

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Symptoms of pediophobia whatever the cause of fear of dolls phobia there can be intense emotional upheaval and turmoil in the mind of the sufferer.

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Slappy the dummy is a recurring villain in the goosebumps franchise he is a living ventriloquist dummy that comes to life when the words karru marri odonna loma molonu karrano are read aloud the words mean you and i are one now and they can be found on.

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Item scp492 object class safe special containment procedures no special containment procedures are required for scp492 scp492 can be kept in standard onsite living quarters.

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8 declarer controls the play of dummys cards and if the winning card comes from the dummy the first card for the next trick comes from the dummy but the declarer says which card it should be.

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